All about the musical activities
of Silvia & Norbert

Silvia »Silla« Frink & Norbert Riemann - originally from Germany - live on the island of São Miguel, Azores, inmidst the Atlantic ocean. Both are long-time experienced musicians.
Silvia is an outstanding singer and singing teacher;  Norbert is guitar and bass player, composer, arranger and studio engineer. Both are involved in several projects, which are mentioned below.

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That's what they are doing apart from being musicians. Just have a look to the pictures on that website to get an impression about country, climate and magnificent landscape influencing their music.
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Silla Nova - Boss, Swing & Latin Tunes  

Bossa, Swing and Latin Tunes

It`s their live-ensemble, performing melodies which move, give daydreams and sometimes make you smile. The songs start start from the early 20s up to the late 60s. 

  ZAMPONE - Der Große
music for the baby-boom-generation

It`s their studio album, consisting of twelve songs.
All lead and backing vocals on the album were sung by Silvia. Composition, lyrics, arrangement, instrumentation, mix and mastering by Norbert.
The album contains several different musical styles from progressive rock via tango, swing and reggae to latin pop.
labelfrei - the free label   If you want to upload music to downloadshops and streaming-providers, you need to have a label. Zampone`s label is called labelfrei which means label-free.
labelfrei is not necessarily a label for Silvia + Norbert releases, only. It could also be your label, if you are interested in uploading your music to the www.

Of course, labelfrei will not be able to spend money on a project, but if you have already recorded and produced interesting music, like e.g. Jazz, Fusion, Classical Music, Soul, Funk or also Traditional Music, it`s no problem to upload it. The most important requirement is acceptable sound quality.