• Norbert Riemann:
Born 1967; classical music education (violin); guitar, bass and composition autodidactically.
Longstanding band experience (currently Silla Nova), several album projects (solo and with band), i.a. Zampone.
Penchant for counterpoint, syncopation, modal harmonics, polyphonic vocal lines/brass sections.
• Guitar Lessons:
Exclusively for intermediate players, who want to broaden their musical horizons. The emphasis is on Jazz and Latin. At this, it`s less about pure playing techniques but comprehension of harmonics and their implementation in playing.
Examples: integration of walkingbass-lines into swing chord progressions, syncopated rhythms and musical tools like that. Fixed price: EUR 30.- for 90 minutes.
• Composition:
Your lyrics can become a fully composed song, with notation and/or tablature, polyphonic vocal scores, orchestral accompaniment oir simply voice + guitar. If needed audible, of course.
Styles: pop, bossa nova, soul, swing, rock, jazz, lounge, samba, easy listening, salsa, rumba, »classical style« from Bach up to Mahler and lots more.
Rigourously refused will be: alpine style commercial music, metal, hip hop, eurodisco and everything going into techno/trance direction. Moreover, discriminating, right-wing radical, sexistic or otherwise illegal lyrics will be refused.
Completed songs in »CD-quality« incl. recording and instrumentation will be only possible, if there`s no fixed deadline. Creativity can and will never work when having a tight schedule.
• Adaptation:
Your song, pimped by a string ensemble, four-voice brass section or three-voice vocals?
Or do you need a cool, diverse adaptation for 2 guitars/drums/bass for your band?
Or perhaps you`re just looking for a bridge between verse and chorus - or for a striking intro?
• Arrangement:
Songs from a »Fakebooks« or a guitar coursebook or your idea of a song can be transcribed to match your band and voice range - including an interesting arrangement. Of course, if needed, including (transposed) sheets of music for each instrument - or a lead sheet.
• Music Notation:
Your idea for a song printed out as lead sheet (melody, lyrics, chords). Readout of single scores from full scores incl. transposition (if needed) and printout by a professional notation software. Printout of single scores from MIDI data.
NO 1:1 transcription of all voices from a mixed/mastered piece without any further aids (like MIDI data), because that will take far too long.
• Studio Philosophy:
Recording has to work and sound good. Whoever needs »accredited« equipment to gratify musician`s ego, is invited to pay multiple amounts somewhere else. Recording is solely making good music. The technique behind a recording should always be musically irrelevant.

• Recording:
Since Norbert is living on São Miguel island, there`s not too much equipment left. Momentarily, it's not possible to record a full drum set. But single instruments, vocals and - of course - keyboards, electric guitars, basses etc. can be recorded one-by-one.
• Mixing:
Everything will be mixed as long as Norbert can stand the musical style. He cannot stand: alpine style commercial music, electronic music like techno/trance/dancefloor und also metal (screamo, deathmetal...).
Moreover, discriminating, right-wing radical, sexistic or otherwise illegal lyrics will be refused. This includes »beat your mug«-hip hop.
• Mastering:
Is closely related to mixing. Besides that: pimping a live concert recording to use it for a demo-video on the internet? Radio-suitable dynamic compression? Better punch on your mix?
Mastering can enhance the sound significantly, but it`s not the ultimate panacea for a bad recording or mix! After all, you can`t make a cinema film from a cell phone video.
• Guitar & Bass:
You need a typical or also unorthodox guitar or bass line on your recording? Style: jazz, funk, latin, bossa nova, reggae, blues and also rock/pop in general. No metal, alpine commercial music, eurodisco or techno/trance.
Instruments (among others):
Spanish/classical guitar (Hanika custom), flamenco guitar (Manuel Rodríguez FF), steel string folk guitar (The Loar LH-250), thinline semi-electric guitar (Framus Mayfield Custom), set-neck solidbody guitar (Martin EG18), 4-string fretted electric bass (Warwick Thumb Bass NT)
• Prices:
On request. Just send an eMail from which can be taken, what and how much time will be needed, so it will be possible to make an estimated offer.
• Credentials & Contact:
Zampone on YouTube
Silla Nova