Enjoy and relax while learning to sing and make specific use of your voice and breath

  Silvia Frink
born 1964; educated singer (classical, musical, jazz). Long-time experience in bands and a-capella-ensembles as well as studio singing. Residing in Lomba de São Pedro, Ilha de São Miguel, Açores. She`s currently the voice of the bossa/swing/latin-band Silla Nova. Preferred musical styles: latin-jazz, swing, folk, blues.
  Voice Training for singing and speaking
breath control, diaphragm techniques, articulation, dynamics, voice range, intonation, expression.
  Workshops • seminars • open singing
, improvisation, songs from all over the world, sonic travelling.
musical attendance of band projects for studio and stage, including e.g.  microphone techniques.
on request, depending on session length and number of participants.
your home / her home - on request, depending on number of persons.
  • Just ask for a nonbinding starter-lesson. Contact: