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Versatile singer and singing teacher with classic vocal education.

Long-time experience in several bands, in a-capella-ensembles and in the studio (not only for the Zampone-Album!).

She sings live in her band
Silla Nova; Just listen to a couple of demo-recordings at this website.

Favoured musical styles: Jazz, A-Capella, Pop, Musical, Soul, Rock, Blues and many others.

Further information on Silvia (in German language) can be found here.

Composer, arranger, songwriter, studio engineer, guitar- and bassplayer with long-time experience, beginning from playing the violin in the school orchestra up to various band- and solo-projects.

Favoured musical styles: Classical music, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Bossa, Samba, Soul, Bombast rock and lots more.

He plays live in the band
Silla Nova.

Further information on Norbert (in German language) can be found here.
The Great Zampone - The »Making of«

The basic concepts for the songs were developed exclusively on the guitar. A couple of songs were part of Norbert`s repertoire since many years.

Some songs, like e.g. »Empty Phrases« or »Man in the Moon« have been recorded in 1996 with the band »ROST« for their album »Peccadillo«, though the versions at that time can only very hardly be compared  with Zampone. However, most of the songs of the album »Der Große« were arranged and released for the first time.

As soon as the basic harmonies and approximate vocal lines of a song are written, detailed composing and arranging had to follow behind.
This was made a little bit different from usual procedures:
As Norbert can`t play the piano and doesn`t want to learn it anymore, all instrument lines were put into a notation-software mouseclick by mouseclick to create a score.
This goes without saying also for drums and percussion.

Solely the guitars and some of the background vocal-lines have not or just rudimentarily been notated. As a matter of fact, even the lyrics of some songs have not been created before that time.

The single instrument parts then have been extracted as MIDI-files and were transformed with a lot of fine-tuning via sampler/synthesizer into audio files.
Many samples have been made by Norbert using sample-data-recordings (i.e. raw recorded soundfiles) or by recording instruments himself as e.g. the Sansula on the picture to the right. Afterwards, some »real« stringed instruments were added.
As a grand finale to the recording of every song, Silvia contributed her distinctive voice for up to five-voice vocal lines.
And after that, the real complex, intensive and drawn-out work started, because the entire pure audio material has been mixed and mastered for many months.

Only the pressing of the CD and the printing of the booklet understandably have not been made inside the »Zampone factory«.
Zampone goes Silla Nova!

Zampone will never appear live with an 1:1 realisation of the album »Der Große«, but since the end of 2012 Silvia and Norbert perform live on stage in their formation Silla Nova.

Besides Bossa Nova-, Samba- and Swing-tunes, there are a couple of other tunes, which slumber deep inside the listener`s mind - and not only in the ones, who were born in the 60`s.

Silla Nova is music to listen, to remember, dream and sometimes even to smile to.

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