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Each song of the album »Zampone - Der Große« can be heard in full length on YouTube®. Underneath you can find the link and also further informations to each song, as e.g. the full lyrics.

All songs were written, arranged, played, recorded, mixed, mastered and of course produced by Zampone. The copyright holder for music and lyrics is

All vocal-tracks were sung by and have been recorded in the rooms of sonoris causa e.V.

The total length of the album is over 60 minutes. It can be bought here on CD or can be downloaded or streamed in several download-shops.

Have fun with it!
Listen to the full album on YouTube®
  Empty Phrases   -   lyrics / info
  Mach` doch den Fernseher mit der Axt aus  -   lyrics / info
  Cadenza   -   lyrics / info
  Café Bagdad   -   lyrics / info
  Show-Off   -   lyrics / info
  Pick me Up   -   lyrics / info
  Man in the Moon   -   lyrics / info
  No Hearts Collected   -   lyrics / info
  Krottenhill   -   lyrics / info
  • ¿Porque, Porque?   -   lyrics / info
  Web Messiah   -   lyrics / info
  Cosiness   -   lyrics / info

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