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[music for the baby-boom-generation, which is in Germany: born in the sixties]

Whoever was born in the sixties (or a few years earlier or later), inevitably witnessed a good part of the development of rock- and popmusic very closely with his own ears.

Maybe this is the reason, why many people of this generation prefer a wider range of musical styles.

This is also considered as a matter of course for both »Sixties«, who stand behind the Zampone-album:

Silvia, whose distinctive voice can be heard on every single vocal-track of the album and Norbert, who is responsible for composition, arrangement, instrument recording and the entire studio engineering from miking up to mastering.
The album`s ingredients are many, many years of musical experience, either on stage as well as in the studio, a classical music-education and a fancy to a very wide range of musical styles.

For this reason, you will find a lot of different styles on the Zampone-album, which anyhow merge perfectly to a harmonious unity.

The album contains Latin-Rock, Swing, Bossa Nova, Bombast Rock, Folk-Pop, Salsa, New Wave, Reggae, Easy Listening, Argentine Tango, Soul-Rock and a four-voice shuffle with some Reggae-interludes.

The lot was simmered over low flame for a couple of years, has been enriched by various instrument sounds and studio technique and finally has  been pressed to a CD and also was uploaded to a bunch of download- / streaming-shops.

The mixture can be tasted at the link to music, of course.

And, last but not least, the album can be bought on CD exclusively here, at this website, quasi »directly from the maker«.
Moreover, as mentioned, it`s available in several download- and streaming-shops.
For further Information, just switch over to info.

And even if you were not born in the sixties (or a few years later or earlier), you might need quite an eccentric fancy present for a birthday, a (silver)wedding, or just a distinguished christmas gift for auntie Lisa, uncle Michael, cousins Kimberly and David, the long-time colleagues Karen, Mark, Susan, John, Patricia, Robert, Donna, William, Linda, Joseph, Cynthia, Richard, Angela, Jeffrey, Tammy, Thomas, Deborah, Timothy...

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